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Our Travel Bucket List

Our Travel Bucket List

Way back when B and I were first married, we sat down over some beers and started jotting down all of the places we wanted to travel together on the back of our receipt. Our list became extensive very quickly and it quickly morphed from just basic locations to experiences.

That has almost become a travel mantra — let’s collect experiences, not things. Sure we can go anywhere, but to really dive in and experience it is a completely different story. It is the one story we hope to help our kids discover…that this world is a big, beautiful and unique place and each and every person here has a story to tell. Let’s experience it together.

We’ve never really brought home souvenirs from our travels, but my travel journal is filled with stories of conversations, meals shared, dive bars and restaurants discovered, sicknesses and sunburns — and that’s just from before we had kids!

Now we’re working to raise our own little adventurers to be global citizens, who share in our appreciation of the world. Our bucket list has changed, mainly because there is no end to what we want to share with them. Instead, we’re looking forward to writing it as we go and having them help us make a list of the experiences they hope to have.

They have already started to a certain extent:

A wants to take a cooking class in France to learn how to bake macaroons.

M wants to see howler monkeys in the jungle somewhere.

Z just loves “shish” (fish) so anything with fish will do.

As for us – the list on the back of the receipt is slowing getting worked through…but the new list is way more fun to try to tackle.

So tell us, what is on your travel bucket list?