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Leaping into the Travel Blog World as a Family

Leaping into the Travel Blog World as a Family

Perhaps it was a natural evolution. I started a blog as more of a journal back when my husband and I got married, more so to keep friends and family who had scattered across the country in the loop of all of our adventures and misadventures as newlyweds. We shared our travels, which happened as often as possible with both of our full time jobs. Then, we documented our growing family – from one daughter to three daughters – over the course of the next 6 years. We enjoyed sharing our stories through a blogging medium.

Our Story

With urging from friends, I started to dabble in launching a website of some sort. Complete honesty, I struggled with the idea of how to monetize another “mommy blog” I didn’t feel I had a product or an offering that would set my writings apart from other awesome websites focused on parenting and being mom. I never teased the idea out much further. But, both my husband and I are the first to admit that we possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and we started toying with other ideas on the side of our regular jobs. It ranged from my husband launching a company that was in the process of contracting with app designers in Austria (long story) to researching with friends the concept of measuring gluten content in beers during the height of what felt like everyone and their cousin going gluten free. None of these really brought us much joy. While they were fun endeavors to work on and develop, it felt like something was missing.

This past year, we launched 52 Reasons, focused on helping people connect to organizations doing ridiculously awesome work in our country. Politics aside, we feel that making a difference is a non-partisan issue and everyone has something to give — from time to talents (and of course financial donations, too). Our whole goal is to serve as a connector, we don’t have advertisements or make a dime off of the transactions. This website evolved into a weekly podcast — go subscribe on iTunes or any podcasting app! — which we love to produce together. We love to share the stories we hear on our podcast with our daughters as we focus on teaching them that no matter who you are, you can make a difference in our world.

Finding Our Voice

Through it all, we have kept traveling. Exploring everywhere we can — from our own community to different corners of the country and around the globe. Friends ask for advice on where to go and what to check out that is off the beaten path — because we rarely travel to what many would consider your typical locations — check out why we go off the beaten path here. So, with a little gentle pushing from a few friends, I sat down at a coffee shop on a rainy Seattle day and outlined why we should just take the leap and join the travel blogging world. We enter this new space and adventure with a full understanding that there are a lot of travel bloggers and even family travel blogs out there. Yet we believe our voice is just a little unique – we’re not here to review fancy hotels or showcase our stays at all-inclusive resorts. We’re not young 20 somethings who have left their jobs and sold everything to travel (while that does look epic and we’re a little jealous).

We’re going to be honest about taking the road less traveled as we dive into new experiences, while we focus on teaching our three children through our travels. We want to share locations and opportunities that are rich in culture, arts, language, new foods and ways to connect with residents of the communities we are visiting – both through volunteerism and sharing a good meal. Not only do we, as parents, feel that we have an opportunity to share the world with our kids, but they also believe they have a chance to share the world as well. Through their own storytelling, photography and experiences, our kids will be involved in this family adventure of blogging.

We’re excited to share our stories with you – whether it inspires you to travel or visit someplace new in your own community. We’re jumping into the family travel blogging world and couldn’t be more excited about sharing with you.