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How We Come Up with Vacation Ideas

How We Come Up with Vacation Ideas

How do we, a travel loving family, come up with vacation ideas? I will say, it is one thing to actually go on vacation. It is another thing entirely to come up with vacation ideas. Since we prefer to go to locations that aren’t super popular, it isn’t as simple as deciding between Paris and Cancun with a flip of the coin for us.

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Here’s some of the ways we identify off the beaten path locations to add to our list:

  1. We watch travel videos developed by other travelers. We prefer Vimeo as a medium and base our selections on…wait for it…nothing at all! Just randomly click and watch – if it isn’t enticing, we move on to another location. Our kids prefer to watch The Bucket List Family – mainly because they are convinced they will be besties with D + M.
  2. We scour Instagram for inspiration. My favorite is to skim through photos of folks who used #travelwithkids#raisingvagabonds and #travelblogger. This means that I can breeze through others photos from their adventures – and totally based just on a quick glance decide, “Whoa, where is this?!” That’s how I picked two of the locations we stayed during our trip to the Netherlands this past year. We also follow a ton of family travel bloggers on Instagram, following their journeys and travels leads to awesome inspiration and ideas for ours.
  3. We search for unique lodging options as a starting point. Instead of booking a flight first and then trying to find somewhere to stay – we start with booking the lodging or confirming availability. This is one of my favorite ways to use AirBnB — I pretty much zoom in on an area we have targeted on our travel list for the year and then expand my search for houses in locations we have yet to explore. We’re excited to try out Kid + Coe as well this year to hit up some super kid friendly rental homes around the globe. (Be sure to check out our piece on how we make travel on a budget luxurious by adjusting where we stay on Top Flight Family)

Taking the vacation tends to be the easy part – coming up with unique vacation ideas is always a bit trickier. We’re by no means experts, but we love to travel and we love to explore new places. So far, these tips have worked like a charm for us. What tips would you add?