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Off the Beaten Path: Lake Superior

Off the Beaten Path: Lake Superior

Hands down. Lake Superior is our favorite lake (that we have ever been to). When you grow up in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, as I did…there are a few to choose from, so this wasn’t an easy selection. Recently, I saw a post circulating on Facebook asking for recommendations of lakes to check out in the USA. With more than 100 comments, I was shocked to find not one person had suggested a trip to this great lake. Let me tell you why.

Lake Superior is gorgeous year round.

The upper-middle USA (and Canada) are home to four very distinct seasons and Lake Superior changes with grace, beauty and intensity with each of the seasons. These drastic changes in the lake also lead to a change in the ways in which locals and visitors alike can enjoy what Lake Superior and the surrounding shoreline has to offer. You honestly can’t go wrong with a time to experience the shores of the lake, but bundle up if you are heading there in the winter months as temperatures can drop to below zero (F). But you might also be able to catch a glimpse of the surfers riding some freshwater waves, which is quite the sight, too! Seriously…winter surfing on a freshwater lake, I am cold just thinking about it. The best place we found to watch the surfers is Stoney Point, just north of Duluth, Minnesota.

There’s always something to explore on the beaches of an “inland sea.”

With waves crashing along the shores of Lake Superior constantly, the beaches are always filled with treasures for little ones and adults alike to explore. One of our favorite ways to spend a sunny day, no matter the season, was to go hunting for beach glass and some Lake Superior agates. You never knew what you could find, but during the years we lived in Duluth, Minnesota, we slowly filled a few giant glass jars with both agates of varying sizes and beautifully worn pieces of sea glass. Be sure to check out Lake Superior Beach Glass for amazing art designed by a Duluth, Minnesota artist featuring pieces of found sea glass. You’ll be inspired to go hunting for your own treasures, guaranteed! Our kids spent countless hours combing the beaches with us. Since we never knew what we were going to find, it was always an adventure!

The sandy beaches are hard to beat.

Lake Superior isn’t just home to rocky beaches filled with treasures. It is also home to some of the best sandy beaches around. Park Point in Duluth, Minnesota is home to 6 miles of public beaches on what is one of the world’s largest freshwater sandbar. Which means it is also home to great swimming, stand up paddle boarding and sand castle building. Please do note it is also home to some gnarly rip currents and does not have life guards along the entire beach, so swim with caution and understand how to safely exit a rip current.

Wanderlocity’s Favorite Beaches

  • Best beach for sea glass/agate picking in Duluth: The area just off of the Lakewalk in front of Endion Station (stop in for a craft beer/cider and snacks while there!)
  • Best beach to watch the sunrise: Brighton Beach, no matter the time of the year. While Brighton can get busy in the summer months, if you check it out in the winter, you might find yourself alone on these rocky beaches.
  • This whole list. Seriously – they have it SPOT ON. 

Lake Superior is truly a gem.

While we do feel like we have somewhat of a bias after being spoiled and living near the shores of Lake Superior, or Gitchi Gumee, for 7+ years, we also have seen our fair share of lakes around the United States. None compare to the beauty and power of Lake Superior. Add this one to your list!