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Free Activities: Family Art in Tacoma, Washington

Free Activities: Family Art in Tacoma, Washington

Why Art as a Family?

We are living in a time when traditional schools are shifting to common core subjects like math and reading instead of a major focus on the arts. We are grateful for our daughters’ teachers who continue to share their love and passion for the arts and sciences, even though the curriculum doesn’t always include it. We are working to build an appreciation of visual and musical arts with our daughters. Not only is this important to us as a family, but we also know that it is important to their development. We have long tried to integrate art into our everyday play as often as we can. Now that our girls are getting older, we are spending more time focused on including ways to appreciate art visually, too.

Family Art in Tacoma, Washington


A Partnership with The Tacoma Art Museum (TAM) + Children’s Museum of Tacoma = FREE Way to Appreciate Art

We feel lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest and have access to great arts and museums close by. Currently the Children’s Museum of Tacoma is offering a promotion and partnership with it’s neighbor, the Tacoma Art Museum. This promotion allows families to visit the Children’s Museum of Tacoma (CMT) which has pay as you will admission, the opportunity to get a free pass to visit the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM). This pass is good for free admission for a family of four — 2 adults and 2 children. You can grab this pass simply by playing at the Children’s Museum and taking advantage of Becka’s Studio, the awesome art studio within the Children’s Museum. Here, young kids can enjoy chalk, paint, textures and sketching.

Once you arrive at the Tacoma Art Museum, you can get a Family Explorer pack to provide even more age appropriate learning for your little art lovers. You can also take advantage of the Tacoma Art Museum Studio (without paid admission) any time. Our kids love the Studio as a way to dive into more art on their own, use awesome supplies and have fun creating their own masterpieces. Be sure to swing into the Studio to grab a sketch book for your kids to use while you are exploring the museum and encourage them to sit and draw what they see as you wander through the various galleries.

Art is indeed all around us. Finding ways to appreciate art as a family is a fun challenge and we are so excited to have found such awesome opportunities in our neck of the woods. Downtown Tacoma has so much to offer and so much to explore. While so many people head straight to Seattle, we love the authenticity and uniqueness of Tacoma just as much.


Free Opportunities to Explore Art as a Family in Tacoma, Washington