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Packable Jackets: The Best Choices for Family Travel

Packable Jackets: The Best Choices for Family Travel

Whether its a chilly winter destination or a location prone to rainy weather, we’re all about finding the best packable jackets for our whole family. We really try to keep it small and simple when we travel, but packing light doesn’t mean skimping on what we bring. Especially when it comes to keeping everyone warm! Because, let’s be honest…hell hath no fury like a freezing cold or rain drenched and cold kid.

Packable Jackets: The Best Choices for the Whole Family

The Best Packable Jackets for the Whole Family

When it comes to looking for something to keep our crazy crew warm that doesn’t take up much space, lightweight down jackets are second to none. We love these jackets for their ability to compress and how lightweight they ultimately are. This makes them so easy to travel with, especially for kids! Or if you are like us and love to pack in carry on bags!

Our family of five travels pretty much anywhere with these jackets. Down jackets pack down into either a small stuff sack or sometimes their own pockets. As far as stuff sacks, our personal favorite would be the Granite Gear Air ZippDitty, if I were you I’d grab the four pack of those right here. We use them for everything when we travel — from toothbrushes to swim goggles to jackets! In fact, grab two sets, just so you have them. You won’t regret it.

We layer our down jackets under a lightweight rain jacket to create the epitome of wind and rain blocking warmth, no matter the weather.

What to Look for in a Packable Jacket

We’re looking for a few main things when we pick out any type of outdoor apparel, especially packable jackets, for ourselves and our kids. Durability, warmth and affordability. When it comes to quality outdoor gear, especially down jackets, it is something that is worth an investment. You might be spending a little bit more, but your investment will go a long ways…and will last a long time. Our kids usually make it two winters in the same coats, which is awesome! Our pocketbook also loves seeing that cost spread out over 2 years.

When it comes to durability in our packable jackets, we want to find a jacket that will last through both our adventures and explorations, but also some serious wild play in the woods. Whether it is a hike on a nearby trail or wandering through the streets of Dublin, our jackets need to last!

Packable Jackets: The Best Choices for the Whole Family

As far as warmth, we’re looking for packable jackets that have high fill power. As fill power increases, the weight decreases and the warmth goes up! Down jackets, which we find to be the most packable of coats, are rated on their fill based on a scale of 550 to 800+. The higher numbers mean a lighter jacket and warmer down fill. Look for a jacket that has high quality stitching and pockets that zip. You always want zippered pockets when you travel, right?!

Here are the jackets our crew travels in. These jackets have been to Ireland, Holland, Minnesota, Denver, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and all over Washington. We love these jackets!

Packable Jackets: The Best Choices for Family Travel




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