family travels off the beaten path


We’re an adventure loving couple with 3 awesome littles. We both have real world jobs and fulfill our crazy case of wanderlust in all of our spare time without taking our kids out of school *too* much. We reside in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest — #upperleftUSA — and have a yellow lab who sometimes gets to join in on our travels. Our kiddos are 7, 5 and 1…and bunches of fun!

Here’s us. We’ve got B, the adventure loving, active, video shooting and producing dad. Z, the littlest of the bunch, but perhaps the one with the most zest for life. A, the eldest of our trio of girls – loyal, loving and ready to travel at a moment’s notice. M, the active, strong, brave and silly 5 year old. And then there’s me, K, the mama of the bunch…the list making, logistics planning, yet fly by the seat of your pants kind of traveler.

B and I have been married for almost a decade, and have been traveling since long before that. We find great joy in exploring – whether it is our own state and the diverse outdoor adventures here, or hopping around the globe. Having kids hasn’t slowed us down, in fact, we think traveling with kids is just plain awesome. More on that here.

We love to travel — but not to any ordinary destinations. We prefer to get off the beaten path and are striving to teach our girls about the lessons and experiences you can have when you find the road less traveled. We don’t stay in glitzy and glamorous hotels, we steer clear from all inclusive vacations — and instead find ways to share a meal (or two) with the locals and immerse ourselves (for however long we are there) in the local culture.

This is our story – of adventures, misadventures, epic failures, crazy laughs and awesome memories along the way. We’ll share our travel tips, our musings and admirations of the locations we visit and inspire you to get out there and experience this fabulous globe.